Chinijo Archipelago

The Chinijo archipelago is located in the north of Lanzarote. It is made up of a group of islets known as La Graciosa, Alegranza and Montaña Clara, together with the Roque de Este and Roque del Oeste. The area is 192.7 km² and belongs to the municipality of Teguise

La Graciosa
Montaña Clara
Roque del Este
Roque de Oeste o Roque del inferno

These small islands are separated from Lanzarote by an arm of the sea called The river. It is scarcely inhabited and only La Graciosa has a resident population of some 500 inhabitants dedicated to fishing and to a lesser extent to tourism. It is wonderful to spend a complete day fishing as there is a large number of varieties.

Because of its environmental value, the Chinijo Archipelago, together with the impressive Risco de Famara, was declared a 'Natural Park' in 1986 and became reclassified and recognized as a special protection for birds in 1994. Of particular interest is that the surrounding sea was also included as part of this protected region.

A ferry crosses from the small jetty at Orzola on Lanzarote's north east coast each morning and afternoon and the crossing takes 20 minutes to La Graciosa

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