Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism

In Lanzarote you will find a large variety of tourist attractions, whose visit is almost compulsory if you wish to enjoy your saty on this island and meanwhile enrich yourself. Cultural entertaiment has been structured by the Council of Lanzarote´s Centre of Art and Culture under seven indescribably attractive designs. A unit of scenic, customary and natural landmarks whose visit is never disappointing.

In the north "Los Jameos del Agua" and "La Cueva de los Verdes" unite unusual rough volcanic tracks with the most exquisite art, integrating colours, textures, forms, animal species and plantas, as genuine as they are surprising. Continuing on our way and at the most northern end we shal find the "Mirador del Río", a privileged palce allowing vast views over the ocean and the "Chinijo Archipelago". Nature undoubtedly skinfully improvised this balcony at the service of makind.

The descent to the south, where the mild climate allows to cover one of our planet's most astonishing journey is a must: the visit to "Las Montañas del Fuego". The Timanfaya National Park is a monument to the volcnoc immensity from which the island surged. surrounded by cones and dross, lava and ashes the traveller will discover the power of nature's strength and inscrutability.

There still are places to visit, such as the essential encounter with the past of a people who convert a waste of land into riches: we shall find it at the "Casa del Campesino" or at such unprecedented agricultural landscapes as "El Jardín de Cactus" or "La Geria".

"El Castillo de San José", remote remains of a history of conquest, shelters in its halls and under its battlements pieces of modern art which will help us to present times easily escaped from while touring the island of Lanzarote.

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