Traditions and Customs of Lanzarote

The observation of the life and customs of the people of Lanzarote constitutes a lesson of wisdom for the spectator. Equipped with a past of title means and successful endeavours for survival, the inhabitants of the “Island of Fire” have not abandoned the model of coexistence and tight symbiosis with their environment. A fellowship recognisable anywhere and everywhere, independently on the municipality.

It is so much so that around this ancient coexistence habits and customs have developed whose present manifestations are being strongly protected and to which the marvelled traveller has spontaneous access.

The accessibility of the natives allows us to assist as guest of honour at such events as the Festivity of the “Virgen de los Dolores”, a display of proverbial colours and pomp which is still strongly ingrained within the people of Lanzarote.

Instruments and ceremonies which are new to the visitor, but old and ancient origin such as the “timple”, the bakimg tins and the drinking cups on one hand, or the Canarian wrestling, the Isas and Folías songs on the other, complete the ancestral pattern so pleasing to be immersed in.

The growing of wine, unique in the world, preserves the original characteristics of their proceedings which allows the birth, from a waste and burnt land, of a generous and refined wine, a son of the lava, as strong as the volcano, pampered under ashes that treasure every single drop of dew, so valuable on lands lacking spring water.

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