Eating Out in Lanzarote

With a showcase of International cuisine and wine so uniquely palatable, those who wish to experience a variety of tastes with their menu selections, will be spoilt for choice.In Lanzarote, you will find restaurants for all tastes: Mexicans, Italians, Chinese, Indians, etc. and, above all, local cuisine.

Typical dishes from the Canary Islands include wrinkled potatoes with mojo, cheese, los pejines, mussels, limpets, burgaos, steamed or in vinegar. Jareadas, fish consommé, Canarian stew are some of the tastiest dishes that you can try when you visit the island. The dishes are mild and are made with local ingredients, like fish seasoned with mojo.

Lanzarote truly offers something for visitors with any taste and a growing demand for variety. And with several home-grown, award winning Lanzarote wines to select to accompany your meal your dining experience is sure to be a success from start to finish.

Forget all the years when holiday fare was little more than fuel for hungry travellers. It is now a dining experience not to be missed or rushed! Canarians like to take their time when dining and lunch can often go on well into the early evening. Similarly dinner can go well into the wee small hours of the night. So when in Lanzarote, make dining a major part of your holiday. Try different restaurants, different dishes and different wines. You will be spoilt for choice.

One thing is certain of all the restaurants; the Spanish, with their strong family roots, welcome children with open arms, which immediately creates a warm friendly ambience. All restaurants have high chairs and many offer a children's menu or will certainly adapt something from the main menu to keep the kids smiling. And it is standard practice for the waiter's to issue every child with a lollipop after lunch or dinner!

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