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The ocean bed of Lanzarote stands out becouse of the varied and diverse species that live on it. It has, as well as teh land surface, a volcanic landscape but in a very different dimension, which may be viewed becouse of the transparency and claruty of thr water.

Top Lanzarote Dive Sites
There are a number of great dive sites off the coast of Lanzarote.
The House Reef, accessed from the beach at Playa de la Barilla in Puerto del Carmen hosts a variety of fish including grouper, barracuda, angelshark, rays, large shrimps, globular anenome, arrowhead crabs and octopus. It is also a good site for night diving. You can also see rare pink coral in the area to the right of the bay.

The Cathedral, accessed from the beach at Playa de la Barilla in Puerto del Carmen, is a large cave where you will find many types of coral on the cave walls and roof, along with finger coral, small shrimp and glass fish. Bring a torch to see the subtle colours and deeper recesses.

The Harbour Wall at Puerto del Carmen is good for night diving. You can see fields of anemones, cuttlefish, octopus and sea horses, and sometimes spider crab and small shrimps.

Shipwrecks are accessed by boat from the harbour at Puerto del Carmen to the area of Los Erizos which is a designated marine conservation site and features an established wreck site supporting a vast marine life of sardines, pinfish, emperor fish, arrow crabs, turkish wrasse, large groupers, barracuda, large rays, tuna and angelsharks. There are eight wrecks in this area, so you may want to dive several times to explore this area fully.

The Hole, accessed by jump entry at the harbour jetty in Puerto del Carmen and swimming to, is 2-3 metres wide and deep and leads from about 18 metres down through the reef and out the other side at around 25 metres into the Atlantic. This site hosts barracuda, angelshark and grouper. Bring a torch to better explore the hole.

Punta Tinosa, accessed via boat near to Puerto Calero’s marina, is a reef formed from solidified lava, which has fluid contours with liquid like properties and supports a variety of marine life.


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