Only the waves of the mithical Hawaiian Islands can be compared to those of Lanzarote, enjoying a high-standing among surfers from all over the world.
The best sports are on the North coast although it is advisable to be company of experienced surfers who are familiar with the sports, so that they may be fully enjoyed.

Top Lanzarote Surfing Spots

  1. The Slab- At La Santa, is an experts-only wave as well as a strict, locals-only area. If you are going to surf there at all, you should do so with caution. You should surf there with a group as accidents have occurred here in the past. The wave is more dangerous than it appears from the shore
  2. El Quemao- This is a short sucky left breaking wave, close to shore in front of the village of La Santa. It is the heaviest wave on the island. Optimal swell is from the W to NW with accompanying S to E winds.
  3. Harbour Mouth- A gnarly right between El Quemao and the Slab. It is extremely hollow and dangerous, go nowhere type of wave. Wipeouts push you on top of boulders 1 meter in diameter.
  4. La Santa Right- A serious right reef when the swell is 5 foot or bigger. It generally has 3 sections which work independently, though on a good day all can connect up giving long powerful rides. Not extremely hollow but fast and bowly. Paddle out is either a sketchy jump off the rocks at the end of the point or a long paddle around from the inside. Almost always offshore. Any tide when big. Low or mid tide when smaller.
  5. Boca del Abajo- A left which sucks off the sea bottom and breaks into a calm, deeper bay. The wave is excellent to 10ft, and even when its big, the paddle out remains relatively easy.
  6. Caleta de Caballo- Fast lefthand break, shallow. Works from 4-8ft + on N or big NW swell and S to WSW winds. High tide best.
  7. Ghost Town- A spectacular peak breaks in the the bay to the right of the town of Caballo when the swell is 6-8ft + N or NW. Needs SW to SE winds.
  8. Outside Reef- 4 meters and up on maxing N swells. 500 meters out to sea.
  9. San Juan- Reef break with both rights and lefts, the left being longer. The right is best before and after high tide, the left all the way through high to low tide. A good place to check when everywhere else is flat. Picks up most N and NW swell. Best on S to SW wind.
  10. Famara Harbor Reef- On the far left corner of Famara Beach, a lefthand reefbreak. Fast, hollow waves, shallow. Best around 4-8ft. Works on N or NW swell, with winds from the SE to SSW.
  11. Playa de Famara- Long sweeping beach with sand-bottom breaks throughout its length, providing fast often hollow lefts and rights. Works from 2 to 8ft. On smaller days, suitable for beginners, especially towards the N end where the waves get smaller due to offshore island shadowing. On bigger days however, getting through the whitewater to the outside can be both impossible and undesireable.

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