The open and merry character of the locals, their cosmopolitan condition and the spring weather enjoyed day and night throughout the year has given a wide and varied night-life in Lanzarote and just with the aim of getting amused. The wide range of possibilities for our warm nights are beyond thouhgts.

The outing starts with a good dinner in any of the many restaurants which are spread out on the island or in any of the popular "tapas" bars where it is easy to socialize with the rest of the customers while trying delicious appetizers. The visitor must know that the dinner schedules usually begin to the 20,30 hours, and they extend until entered the midnight. Nevertheless, in the tourist zones the dinner usually is adapted to the schedule of the foreign tourists, reason why their schedules go ahead approximately to the 19,30 hours.

After the meal, the possibilites range from casinos and shows to the most trendy open-air cafés, discos and pubs. You should not forget that there is a calendar of festivities and traditional open-air dances which can be enjoyed all around the island, all year round and non-stop.

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