Arrecife is a city situated in the east of the island of Lanzarote of which it is the capital since 1852.

The population is 50,785 (2003), its density is 2,235.25/km² and the area is 22.72 km², being the smallest of the Lanzarote municipalities. The municipal capital has an altitude of 10 m. above sea level.

The municipality is located in the center of the island, limiting to the south with Saint Bartolomé, to the west and north with Teguise and to the east with the Atlantic Ocean. lts surface is very smooth. It is not affected by the recent volcanic eruptions, and it only highlights a series of mountains located in the west boundary. All of this facilitates the circulation of the jable, from west to east, pushed by the dominant winds. The most attractive thing, from the natural point of view, is the coast: formations of reefs that protect the coast, mainly in the capital.

The most significant local fiestas are: Saint Ginés, in August and the oldest on the island and considered of national tourist interest, the Carnaval in February. and the Corpus, with their carpets of salt coloured by the downtown streets.

The city gives its name to the nearby International Airport, situated in The municipality of San Bartolome. Arrecife is also a port town serving to other islands and to Europe and mainland Africa. The main economical activities are business and tourism.

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